About Sarah Hadley

Sarah has been a working photographer since 1995. After graduating with a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art, she worked as a photojournalist for newspapers in Northern Virginia and DC before moving to Chicago in 1998 and to the West Coast in 2009. She has shown her work in museums and galleries internationally and brings an artistic style to her photography. She has photographed weddings in DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and Prague.

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About Carlos Roberto

Hollywood Based Music Promoter/ Freelance Photographer/Graphic Artist/Painter/Writer Educatee...All and All a TRUE Lover, Creative, Eager and Kind.

Carlos Roberto Sanchez was born in South America La Libertad - PERU , where he attended the prestigious Henri Matisse design school in Trujillo PERU, where he graduated in 1st place and got honors at graduation ceremony.

Given his unique background, training, and experience, Carlos brings a distinctive artistic expressionism to his work.   His goal is not to just to create images, but to create an identifying photograph that creates a lasting impression.  

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